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Professor Raquel Marin Cruzado

Thank you for visiting SECEL Research Group of Professor Raquel Marin.

Our research group is actively devoted to the study of cell mechanisms related to neurodenerative diseases. In particular, we investigate the neuronal events involved in the most common dementia associated with ageing, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Frontotemporal dementia and synucleopathies.

We are presently focused on the molecular alterations occurring in plasma membrane microdomains (named lipid rafts) where numerous signaling proteins involved in neuronal survival responses are interacting (named signaling platforms or signalosomes). Also, these are particular places where toxic protein aggregates are formed. Using different proteomic and genomic techniques, we are attempting to decipher the molecular events taking place in early asymptomatic stages of these diseases, which have a common origin related to ageing. We also seek for novel biomarkers for early and accurate diagnosis of these neuropathologies. The research spans from neuroprotective effects of steroid hormones, lipid-protein interactions, oxidative stress derivatives, protein aggregate processing and diagnosis biomarkers.

Furthermore, we are validating new tamoxifen derivatives as coadjuvants of breast cancer treatment without secondary effects. Our results are very promising, with some patents pending.

We will persist in our devotion to this research, in the aim of contributing to the diagnosis and improved treatment of these devastating diseases of high incidence in our society.

National collaborations

Dept. of Animal Biology at La Laguna (Professor Mario Diaz), CSIC-IPNA (Professor Alicia Boto), Instituto Cajal (Professors Luis Miguel García-Segura and Angeles Arévalo), Hospital Universitari Bellvitge (Professor Isidre Ferrer).

Raquel Marin Laboratory of Cellular Neurobiology
Laboratory of Cellular Neurobiology